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Technical data

Molds and plastics play an important role in shaping any and all metal and plastic products, from it related products such as mobile phones and personal computers to home appliances and home products Use our products to provide you with high-precision cutting technical data.

- When the maximum speed of the machine tool spindle is less than the recommended milling condition value...When the maximum speed of the machine tool spindle i……
Dia. (Vc) Cutting Speed m/min D 20 30 40
R D Depth of Cut ap(mm) Radius Dia. 0.01
Type Maximum height of workpiece Symbol Rz Describe
Rockwell Hardness C Scale 50kg Brale (HRC)Diamond Pyramid Hardness Number. Vickers (HV)Brinell Hardness Standard10mm Ball 29.42kN (HB)Rockwell Hardness A Scale 60kg Brale (HRA)Shore Scleroscope Hardness Number (HS)Approx Tensile S
Reason Guidance and suggestions Machine rigidity 1. Process with as high a rigid equipment as possible
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