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Metal cutting in automobile industry - improve your production  

The automotive industry is a key sector in all industrial countries around the world. If the automotive industry is a country, it will become the world's sixth largest economy, with tens of millions of employees.

     A huge challenge for the automotive industry is the combination of political needs and consumer demand. Lightweight materials, hybrid and electric vehicles with more efficient batteries, and miniaturization of internal combustion engines are examples of several technology development trends that automakers need to adapt.

   Since its inception, BOLLER has been working closely with car manufacturers around the world, so we are able to provide tools, solutions and in-depth application expertise for most parts of all large, medium and small motor vehicles from motorcycles to heavy trucks. By gaining a foothold in research and development, we work closely with our customers and machine tool builders to provide truly competitive products and services to the automotive industry.

Cutting tools and solutions for automobile parts processing.
Cutting tools and solutions for automobile gearbox parts processing.
Cutting tools and solutions for machining automobile engine parts.
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