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Corporate Social Responsibility

       Boller Science and technology has always adhered to the corporate social responsibility concept of "returning society from the society", actively participated in public welfare undertakings, and extended the concept of corporate citizenship to poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection, public health and many other fields, and won recognition from all walks of life. Awards such as "Best Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Integrity Enterprise".

       We implement national macroeconomic policies, accelerate management changes, enhance sustainable value creation, promote the growth of "two small" enterprises and innovative enterprises, drive employment, and serve economic and social development; we promote service capabilities through continuous product and service innovation. Improve the company and bring new and better high-precision tool products to our customers. We will improve the ability of employees to improve their work ability and promote the common growth of employees and enterprises by smoothing the career growth channels of employees. We will develop the concept of social responsibility by deepening the concept of social responsibility. Social welfare activities, participate in community building, actively contribute to the society, and strive to become excellent corporate citizens.

Employees are the fundamental driving force of the company's development and the living force serving the society
Green is the symbol of life and the background of nature
The sustainable operation of a company comes from society
Create value through services
Innovation drives development and wisdom creates value
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