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F4 Series for High Speed Milling

Designed for processing heat-treated high hardened steel For steel material hardness HRC45~70 Suitable for accurate, dry and high speed milling New Nano material and innovative coating Excellent finished surface with high wear resistance

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F3 Series for High Efficient Milling

Designed for processing heat-treated high hardened steel materials HRC40~65 Spiral flute design prevents the crack, increasing rigidity to16 times The design of unequal division and spiral angle restrains the vibration High wear resistance suitable for high feed and large machining

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C2 Series For Copper Electrode Milling

A sharp edge design that maximizes the suppression of burrs and achieves high precision machining Provides a stable tool life with a new copper-specific coating Finely grind the geometric groove shape, reduce the friction coefficient and ensure the surface finish of the workpiece

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D9 Series For Graphite Milling

Excellent performance in a variety of composite processing areas CVD pure diamond coating, excellent wear resistance The stone coating has a low coefficient of friction, preventing sticking and avoiding the formation of a tumor Optimize tool design and increase productivity Excellent workpiece surface finish

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S2 Server for stainless steel

大容量排屑,排屑快, 不易粘刀实现了高效率加工 超硬本体材料及高铝钛涂层, 更耐磨 不等分螺旋角设计, 抗振性能优越

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A6 Server for aluminum

For non-standard product which does not exist in our catalogue, we provide the custom-made service to develop your tool shape and program. According to our experiences and design optimization, we can make non-standard cutting tool to optimize your production process and increase your productivity.

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