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Offshore oil underwater exploitation system


In the coming decades, as the living standards of Asian people increase, the demand for oil and gas will continue to grow. At the same time, by 2035, crude oil production in existing oil fields will fall by more than two-thirds, so new oil and gas resources must be developed to cope with demand.

These facts indicate that the golden age of oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry, which will last for a long time, is coming. Due to the rigorous exploration and production environment of new oil and gas resources, more and more parts are beginning to use special materials such as Inconel and super duplex steel.

At the same time, oil and gas parts are getting bigger and bigger, the requirements are getting higher and higher, and higher surface quality is one of the examples.

Tubing Hanger Tubing Hanger is a component used in oil and gas completions. It is typically connected to the topmost tubing joint in the wellhead to support the tubing. The tubing hanger is usually located in the tubing head and the two components are combined into a sealing system to seal the annular space between the……
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