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BOLLER'S Seven Advantages 

01/ Brand advantage   
 BOLLER High speed and hard milling cutter - from Germany   
BOLLER Technology has its own brand registrated both in Switzerland and Germany. After five years' development, BOLLER has become a professional brand of carbide end mill for high-end precision mould processing. BOLLER entrered into strategic partnership with his suppliers, like ROLLOMATIC from Switzerland, ROEDERS from Germany and Ceratizit China, etc. BOLLER also has strategic cooperation relationship with well-known domestic enterprises, such as HUAWEI, BYD, GREE, Midea, etc.     
We garantee a stable and high quality product supply to our agent. Nowaday, BOLLER is a well-known brand in micro carbide end mill industry with good reputation in domestic market. 

Gramy Brand.jpg02/ Manufacturer's advantage   
 BOLLE's own factory in Dongguan, China  

We are committed to provide the whole research and development platform of cemented carbide precision tools, and working with customers to develop and design the best tool solutions with an open business philosophy. In order to meet the needs of users in the high-end market, our company selects the top six axis grinders from Switzerland: rollomatic 630xw, 629xw, 629xs, 830xw, np5, 4000xd, 6000xl, nano 6 and other advanced high-precision tool grinding machine manufacturing equipment.
BOLLER has introduced the measuring machine from Germany zoller G3M, America PARLEC, Germany pitte Muller and other top professional tool testing equipment like Germany Roeders RXP 500 testing CNC machine.  

厂家.jpg03/ Customization advantage    
 Domestic Research & Development Center    

For high-end customers and special customer groups, domestic R & D center can respond quickly and provide special solutions. Based on our strong R & D center, our production and manufacturing, delivery cycle and product cost performance can achieve the optimal process, leading the industry in terms of products and customization services and exceeding customers' expectations.    
定制优势.jpg04/ Service advantages   
 Professional sales and technical team for your service    

Boller's team has engaged in the sales of high precision carbide end mill for more than 10 years. Our sales team is ready to answer your query and update the inventory at anytime. We can provide a 24-hour ordering, delivery service. Our professional technical team can provide you with a well trained after-sales and technical support services.
We are here to help you win on your market!  

05/ Promotion advantages   
 World wide tradeshow and Internet promotion of our brand 

BOLLER attend both global and national exhibitions every year to build BOLLER into an international famous brand of high-end milling cutters.   


06/ Inventory advantage   
 Large number of standard products in stock

BOLLER has a large number of standard products in the warehouse, allowing our agent to check and order at any time, which is convenient and fast. Boller equipped with a professional storage system to respond to delivery within 12 hours, saving a lot of coordinating time.     

07/ Training advantage   
 Our headquarter provides professional training to our agents    

Every month, at least two free sharing courses such as : product professional knowledge, and network marketing meeting will be held. All courses will be shared with practical cases, so that everyone can learn and put into pratices.
We help our agent to grow!    


Wealth hotline: 137 1198 9999 Mr. Zou  

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