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Green development

Green is the symbol of life and the background of nature. Today, green represents the hope of a better life and the expectations of the people. The people have a call, and the party has something to do. At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Comrade Xi Jinping proposed innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing of the "Five Development Concepts", and regards green development as an important concept that affects China's overall development as a "13th Five-Year" and even more. A basic concept of China's economic and social development in the long run reflects our party's deepening understanding of the laws governing economic and social development and will guide us to better realize the prosperity of the people, the prosperity of the country, the beauty of China, the harmony between man and nature, and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. .

  Cemented carbide is an increasingly scarce non-renewable resource. To promote this resource for long-term sustainable use in our industry.

  Wheeler Technology is developing sustainablely in a positive and structured way. We want to recycle as much raw material as possible, steadily improve our process efficiency, and continue to reduce waste and the energy and water we consume.

  Sustainability often helps us analyze our production processes. When we advise our customers to take measures that increase productivity, customers will have a deeper understanding of sustainable development and will also reduce production costs.
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