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Value creation

 Innovation drives development and wisdom creates value.   
 Promote system construction and improve operation performance; strive for lean manufacturing and improve on-site management; the goal is to gradually realize the qualitative change from the quantitative change of industrial scale to the core competitiveness and from the economy by implementing the construction of "smart West flight" with the content of smart management, smart operation and smart manufacturing, and integrating the two main lines of product manufacturing intelligence and operation system process The expansion of scale is promoted to the synchronous growth of quality and benefit, from relying on its own resources to the overall utilization of social resources, from relatively closed state to the open state facing the world, to build an integrated base of high-end milling cutter manufacturing, and realize the three leaps of technology and product, organization and operation, and benefit and scale.   
一、Management innovation.    
Management innovation refers to the process of adopting new and more effective methods and approaches to plan, organize, motivate, coordinate and control, so as to continuously improve the efficiency of operation and management, so as to adapt to the changes of the market, meet the needs of the market, and achieve the goal of organic unity of enterprise benefits and social benefits.       

The main contents of enterprise management innovation include management ideas, organizational structure, management methods, management mode and management system innovation. In modern enterprises, any kind of innovation must be implemented through the management function of the enterprise, and all levels of enterprise management must be implemented specifically. Therefore, management innovation is not only the synthesis of all kinds of enterprise innovation, but also the basic guarantee to realize enterprise comprehensive innovation.     


二、Technological innovation.   
Technological innovation refers to the development and production of new technologies and the economic and technological activities related to the first commercial application. Technological innovation mainly includes product innovation and process innovation. The purpose of enterprise technological innovation is to develop market, to use technological leverage, to promote new products to win as much economic benefits as possible, and to obtain the largest profits by improving the degree of competition, enterprise scale and monopoly power.   


三、Product innovation.    
Product innovation not only refers to the technological innovation activities of enterprises to produce new products, but also includes the commercialization of products with technological changes. All kinds of innovation activities in enterprises are carried out around the core of product innovation. Because all kinds of innovation of enterprises are ultimately to take product innovation as the carrier to enter the market and accept the test.

With the rapid development of information technology and the continuous change of economic market, new changes have been brought to the products, services and management of enterprises. In this case, we should abandon the conservative concept of self-reliance, adjust the internal process, and innovate the inherent backward management ideas and methods, so as to maximize the resources and technical advantages of enterprises.     

四、Market innovation.  
Market innovation refers to the use of new methods, new means and new ways to turn potential market into a real market. While improving the market share of its products, it constantly develops and occupies new market. Meanwhile, it forms a mechanism to adapt to market changes and ensure to meet new market demands.

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