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Boller dental milling cutter

Sustainable success with Boler dental end mills   

The dental end milling cutter produced by the most advanced automatic machine tool will provide consistent high quality and performance guarantee for your manufacturing process. Even so, if you still can't find the special cutters you need in our standard product series, we can also customize the end mills according to your special requirements. Specifically optimized for high-speed machining, high-quality coatings - such as diamond, DLC or x.ceed - significantly reduce wear.    

Industry experts in dentistry   

With more than 25 years of experience in tool manufacturing, we currently provide more than 350000 end mills to more than 10000 customers worldwide every year.   


Our full range of products (online) will meet your personalized production needs. In addition to other features, our milling cutters also integrate first-class cutting geometry, optimized coating and high-quality cemented carbide.   

We continue to expand our product range to ensure your success in surgery, laboratory or industry production. We carry out rigorous milling experiments in our own technical center, which provides a basis for consistently meeting high production requirements in the long run. Therefore, we are worthy of the "made in Germany" quality commitment, and often use the special Boller cutting geometry patent to emphasize this point.    


Our corporate structure focused on sustainability delivers obvious benefits to you as a customer in many ways:

1. Fast delivery and high availability

2. Proven tool advice (including when purchasing and using)

3. Personalized tool service (special tool)

4.OEM business, neutral or private label

5. Compatible with all common dental milling machines

6. Extremely high price / durability / milling quality ratio


Zirconium metal milling cutter

Machining for non-calcined high performance ceramics such as zirconia and alumina

BOLLER dental ball end mills have special cutting geometries. This guarantees the highest surface quality. It features a highly wear-resistant diamond coating (optional) for extremely long tool life, especially when using highly abrasive materials.

Cobalt chrome/titanium milling cutter

Machining for cobalt-chromium alloy steel, pure titanium and titanium alloy

The cutting geometry of this milling cutter is designed for demanding milling materials with high demands. Standard X.CEED low friction coating reduces heat and cutting forces at the cutting edge. This can greatly extend the service life....

Polymethyl methacrylate / wax milling cutter

Machining for acrylic polymers and wax blanks

Especially in the milling of soft materials, the milling chip flutes of this milling cutter can achieve smooth burr-free milling. A spacious tool flute ensures complete chip removal.

Nanocomposite milling cutter

Machining for fiber reinforced materials

The original XTS coated milling cutters feature a special cutting geometry that offers a superior lifetime advantage over existing tools.

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