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Transmission case

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   The gearbox is responsible for transferring the force, rotary movement and torque from the internal combustion engine or motor to the wheel. It is a key part of all vehicles, because it can make vehicles move in an efficient and energy-saving way.   

   Boler's solutions and tools for gearbox parts are backed by in-depth application of professional technology. With a professional engineering team supporting the automotive industry through a variety of high-quality solutions, we also have a place in the international market. Here, we share selected high productivity solutions with some of the challenging features of gearbox parts production.   

shafts (1).jpg

1. Axis  
These parts have many different shapes and forms, and their main purpose is to transmit power.   
shift-sleeve (1).jpg

2. Shift sleeve   
The shift sleeve is one of the parts of the synchronizer assembly, which is used to connect the main gear to the output shaft / disconnect the main gear from the output shaft in the manual transmission.换档套筒是同步   
gears (1).jpg

3. Gear  
Gears also have many different shapes and forms, which are used to convert vehicle power into different speeds and torques.
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