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Through the combination and optimization design of a variety of standard tools, we can tailor non-standard tools for your process requirements, so as to provide you with production efficiency for optimizing the process.

Your wishes, let us achieve!

Non-standard tools are positioned according to the specific needs of customers, based on current market standards, with the best technology of machine tools, bar stocks and industry technology leaders to create tailor-made tool products.

In order to help our customers optimize their processes and reduce costs, we have the best design to make non-standard tools have the best performance. Simply put: non-standard tools help you optimize your process, enhance tool performance and increase productivity. Usually, it is also re-optimized and combined with existing high-performance tools.

A new and complex challenge?

“Usually, there are many ways to achieve the desired goals. It is important to make the right choices and the right path. So we not only produce new tools, but also provide you with customized technical solutions.

This means that BOLLER will work with you on site and in your workshop to find the right solution for your application and application. We work with you to optimize cutting parameters, track tool performance and efficiency, and enable you to make the optimal process run in production. See the platform of our non-standard tools and how we operate.

Our service network is your special tool

We can develop the best tools for your specific application area. With our service network, we offer a variety of solutions to meet complex challenges.

Our partners in all areas will meet your professional needs by passing on our expertise.

There are many ways to succeed. Your success is our direction.

Product adjustment

You know exactly what you need: Adjust existing standard tools in the BOLLER catalog. Based on your specific requirements for new lengths or diameters, we will develop solutions with the best price/performance and top quality to meet your needs.

Small details, great results!

Efficient implementation

You will get specific advice and a detailed description of the special tools. We determine the best cutting edge for your specific application and work with you to develop the perfect tool and produce it according to a fixed size. The quality of BOLLER is convincing.

Your thoughts, our products!

We are constantly innovating

You know which workpieces can be machined, but it is not clear which tool to use. Depending on the workpiece drawing and your machine, we will work with you to develop special tools with the best performance data for the specific machining process. Bring you the best performance!

You think about it, we do something!

Optimization and improvement

You already have a tool model, but you want a model that is similar in shape, but newer and better quality. With advanced measurement tools, we can accurately measure existing tools, analyze them in detail and optimize production.

Complete tools, excellent quality!

More possibilities.

There is no end to the task at BOLLER. Description:

For products that do not exist in our standard catalog, we can develop and produce all tool shapes and applications according to your requirements.

With our own coating equipment, we can achieve a standard range of coating processes on all special tools.

To this end, we work with our partners to develop new high-tech surface technologies.

The challenge is to determine the optimum blade shape and coating for each particular application.


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