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F3S044 blade double spiral groove flat bottom milling cutter

    ● Double spiral groove design to ensure tool rigidity.

    ● Unequal division and variable helix angle to suppress vibration.

    ● Designed for processing heat-treated high hardness HRC45~65 materials.

    ● Suitable for dry and wet cutting, high speed cutting, newly developed nano materials and coatings.

    ●High-precision fine grinding geometry to ensure maximum stability of the tool.

    ● Special cutting edge treatment makes the cutting edge stronger and avoids the unfavorable stress of the cutting edge.

    ● Recommended optimal cooling method: oil mist cutting or air cooling cutting conditions.

    ● Speed, feed rate and depth of cut are the most important factors for determining the cutting effect. Unsuitable feed rate and speed often lead to reduced production, poor work quality and tool damage.

    ● Each knife has a unique identification: the actual blade diameter (optional)

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