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Key points of milling cutter

Reason Guidance and suggestions
Machine rigidity

1. Process with as high a rigid equipment as possible.

2. When the rigidity is insufficient, adjust the cutting depth and cutting parameters.

Jig and milling cutter deflection

1. Please use a high rigidity and high precision milling cutter holder.

2. When the upper knife is used, try to minimize the yaw of the tool.

Workpiece clamp

1. The workpiece fixture must be fixed firmly.

2. When the clamping state cannot be improved, adjust the cutting parameters such as the depth of cut.   

Treatment of cutting oil and chips

1. The amount of cutting oil used must be sufficient.

2. For heavy cutting, it is recommended to use water-soluble cutting oil.

3. Please note that some products are dedicated for dry cutting.

4. For dry cutting, use the air cooling method.

5. Avoid cutting debris from cutting oil supply or cutting.   

Selection of milling cutter types

1. Please select the appropriate milling cutter according to different machining workpieces and machining shapes.

2. Please refer to the index of the volume header. 

Cutting parameters

1. Please refer to the cutting parameter reference table.

2. Adjust the cutting parameters according to the rigidity of the equipment and the clamping state of the workpiece.     

Extension of milling cutter

1. If there is no interference, please minimize the amount of tool extension.

2. When the tool extension is too long, please adjust the cutting parameters such as depth of cut and feed rate.

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