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Employee growth

  Employees are the fundamental driving force of the company's development and the living force serving the society. The company actively implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, establishes and improves the mechanism of talent training, selection and use, pays attention to the objective needs and career of employees in different stages of development, and strives to provide a broader stage for employees to realize their self-worth.  

  Boler Technology always adheres to the application of modern enterprise management theory, and actively explores new ideas, new mechanisms, new paths and new methods for enterprise staff training around the development and reality of enterprises, and cultivates and cultivates high-quality staff that meets the needs of the strategic development of Boler Technology. . The relevant organization system documents and training system were formulated, and the “three-level” management training organization guarantee system consisting of the Boler Science and Technology Training Committee, functional departments and affiliated units was established, and the division of responsibilities was clearly defined, and various types of training activities were carried out in an orderly manner. Boler Technology has rich training resources and a group of high-quality professional internal trainers. At the same time, it focuses on utilizing various training advantages inside and outside the group to give full play to the role of various types of training resources at various levels. Classify and organize various training activities such as leading cadres, high-level talents, professional management talents, new generation employees, and functional system teams.   

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