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Customer service

Create value through services   

Close to customers – personalized and efficient     

Services are more than just products The real meaning of the word service is to provide our customers with tangible and specific advantages based on the service tools we provide.    

1.Technical service   
Let our extensive services be used by you    
As a tool manufacturer, we are at the center of the manufacturing industry. Our skills, as well as our extensive experience in various industries, give us the strength to provide a broader perspective. Our services are designed to reduce your production costs and save you money. Do you consider using new machine tools, materials or processes Please contact us for support. We can help.    

2.Training service   
Training gives you a competitive advantage    
It's more important than ever to improve your skills to stay ahead of the competition. Share modern machining knowledge with you through our latest successful cases.   

Specialization to meet the changing needs of customers   

With the rapid information sharing of it and telecommunication technology in the world, the global expert network is gradually forming. For employees and businesses looking for flexible and cost-effective production solutions when talent mismatches and customer needs are volatile, the trend toward specialization benefits both.   

3.Sustainable development   
Work together to create a sustainable future   
We can help you make your products and processes more environmentally friendly and efficient. Over the years, Boller has developed a set of codes of conduct applicable to the environment, health and safety management system. An important part of this is the new life cycle approach we use to ensure that your worn tools are repaired or recycled when purchasing and collecting them. This process saves both energy and carbon dioxide emissions.     

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