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Cutting tools and solutions for automobile parts processing.

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  In addition to engine and gearbox parts, the automobile industry also manufactures many other important parts, such as turbocharger, steering knuckle, housing and brake parts.   
 The solutions and tools provided by Boller are backed by in-depth application expertise. With a professional engineering team supporting the automotive industry through a variety of high-quality solutions, we also have a place in the international market. Here is a selection of high productivity solutions for some of the challenging features of part production.    


1. Turbocharger  
The turbocharger is a forced charge air intake device driven by the turbine, which can improve the efficiency and output power of the internal combustion engine by forcing additional air into the combustion chamber.  

2. Housing   
The automotive industry uses a number of different housings to protect and hold parts together in assemblies, such as the flywheel housing and gearbox housing.

3. Steering knuckle   
The knuckle is the pivot point of the steering system so that the wheels can turn.

4. Brake caliper   
The brake pads are fitted in the caliper, where they function during brake operation.
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