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   The engine is responsible for generating the power required for vehicle movement. Nowadays, with the demand of reducing emissions and improving power efficiency, the development of engine is more and more intensive New materials, regulations and other drivers have brought a lot of investment to the research and development field. The main trend is the miniaturization of internal combustion engines to minimize environmental impact. Another development trend is power train electrification.   
    Boler's solutions and tools for engine parts are backed by in-depth application expertise. With a professional engineering team supporting the automotive industry through a variety of high-quality solutions, we also have a place in the international market. Here, we share selected high productivity solutions with some of the challenging features of engine parts production.   


1. Cylinder block   
The cylinder block is the main structure of the engine. It is the shell of many different moving parts which together produce the power required by the vehicle movement.  

2. The cylinder cover   
The cylinder head delivers air and fuel to the combustion chamber and acts as a cover for the cylinder. It is also the shell of many different parts.

3. Crankshaft    
This part is used to convert linear motion and power into rotary motion, so as to make the shaft rotate, so as to make the vehicle move.

4. Camshaft   
The camshaft is used to control valve operation so that the combustion cycle is synchronized.

5. Connecting rod   
The connecting rod is used to transmit linear motion from the piston in order to rotate the crankshaft.
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