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Boller-f4 high speed and high hardware series

Publisher: Administrator   Date:2019-09-22


F4 high speed super hard and very fine nano milling cutter

Designed for processing heat-treated high hardness HRC 45~70 degree materials

Suitable for dry cutting, high speed cutting, newly developed nanomaterials and coatings

Excellent workpiece surface roughness

Designed for high precision milling with extremely high wear resistance

The F4 family has a total of:

Flat bottom knife:

F4S01 Miniature Flat Flat Knife Series (0.1~0.9mm)

F4S02 2 blade deep groove flat bottom knife series (0.1~6mm) - effective length up to 30D

F4S04 4 blade flat knife series

F4S06 4 blade lengthening flat knife series

F4S09 6 blade flat knife series

Round nose knife:

F4R02 2 blade deep groove round nose knife series (0.2~6mm)-minimum round nose R0.02

F4S04 4 blade round nose knife series

F4S06 4 blade lengthening round nose knife series

F4S08 4-blade powerful cutting series

F4S09 6-blade round nose knife series

Ball knife:

F4B01 Miniature Ball Cutter Series (0.1~0.9mm)

F4B02 2 blade deep groove ball cutter series (0.1~6mm) - effective length up to 30D

F4B03 2 blade ball knife series

F4B04 4-blade ball knife series

F4B06 4 blade long ball cutter series

F4B07 2 blade deep groove tapered ball knife series

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