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Cemented carbide is an increasingly scarce non-renewable resource. To promote this resource for long-term sustainable use in our industry.

  Wheeler Technology is developing sustainablely in a positive and structured way. We want to recycle as much raw material as possible, steadily improve our process efficiency, and continue to reduce waste and the energy and water we consume.

   Sustainability often helps us analyze our production processes. When we advise our customers to take measures that increase productivity, customers will have a deeper understanding of sustainable development and will also reduce production costs.



Make worn tools like new

  Our services - cutting tools and related businesses help customers reduce costs and provide solid competitiveness.

  A very important part of this is to provide follow-up services to the customer, such as tool re-grinding.

  Our service begins with the collection of tools. We inspect the tool, followed by tool regrind, coating and factory inspection.


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A trusted tool manufacturer can provide you with professional technical support.

Stability performance   

By repairing, you will get stable tool quality. A tool can be repaired up to three times.  

Cost saving   

Repair tools are economical and can save you money


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